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In how many minutes can you read an entire book at normal reading speed? What if we told you that there are people who read a book in 3 minutes? Yes true. You think that it is not possible in this world, maybe you need to travel in time, but there are people who do this today. How Does? Participants in speed reading training. Speed ​​readers aren't lying when they say they've read a book this short.

In fact, they say that they have mastered the whole book by reading important parts of it, not the whole book. They may not remember the location of every single word on every page. However, it is possible for those who have developed themselves in very advanced speed reading to do this with their practice that takes a little more time. You don't have to be a gifted person for this.

When you move your eyes at a certain speed in speed reading techniques, it is called scanning. You remember certain points on the page you are browsing. The faster you move your eye, the more words you see. With your increased reading speed, you can naturally retain more information in your memory in a shorter time.

What Does Speed ​​Reading Training Do?

Thanks to speed reading training, you will improve your ability to read the text quickly while understanding what you read. It will make you read twice as much in half the time. When you see a text, you will learn exactly which part to focus on or how to master it without knowing anything. And you will be able to learn this online, and you will reinforce it more by making applications in the lesson.

There are some techniques to learn speed reading. For example; review rule. In this rule you will quickly skim through the text and it is a type of scanning method where you only get important information. After a complex review, you will realize that you have understood the main topic of the text. As long as you don't miss important parts, you can understand the whole text with a few words. Speed ​​reading techniques will give you the technical information to grasp the entire text.

In the technique of dividing words into components while reading, it is about exercising your eye muscles. You can develop your eye muscles with some exercises. At the same time, you can download these applications for free in training. You will be able to get the app with levels from easy to hard. Thanks to this application, you will gradually develop your eye muscles. Apart from the practice, you will learn all of the exercises that you can do these activities in speed reading training. You will also be able to understand the entire paragraph from the words. You will learn speed reading techniques as a kind of induction method.

Where we waste the most time is to go back and read what we don't understand. However, if we do this at the end of every sentence or paragraph we read, we will be at a serious disadvantage. Especially if we are preparing for the exam or if we look back like this during the exam, we waste our limited time. Here, speed reading training will provide you with very important information on this subject. You will have a good grasp of the method of reading each word only once, which is part of speed reading. Going back and reading only makes what has been read clearer. There are meanings that you already understand at first glance. You will be able to learn a lot of information that will make you look back and not look back, while gaining an awareness of your reading comprehension, in speed reading courses.

What Should You Do for Speed ​​Reading?

To understand how speed reading works, we can use a simple analogy. Think of your eyes as the hard drive of a computer. Let's imagine that the text is loaded onto this hard disk. At normal reading speed you wouldn't actually be able to grasp any of this information. The only thing you upload is the text itself. It is saved to the hard disk but in an unprocessed form. You are not buying anything new and it is of no use to you.

Here, thanks to speed reading techniques, you no longer need to slowly load the entire book into your memory at once. It is not possible to transfer everything directly from the book to our memory. You need to know speed reading techniques to be able to read fast and keep it in memory. For example, memory techniques training will be very useful in this regard.

This rate differs from person to person, depending on how fast or slow most people are at reading speed with comprehension. Most people read around 200 words per minute. Those who read faster can find 400 words. Slow readers usually have 100 and less than 100 words. There is also data that some people read 1000 words per minute. But these are very extreme points.

If you are looking for a way to increase the number of words you read per minute, these are not utopian. You can attend speed reading trainings at the Institute. There are many methods to increase memory techniques in the speed reading trainings at the Institute.

What are Speed ​​Reading Trainings?

It is not impossible to increase your reading speed with online speed reading training. You can learn all of the techniques we mentioned above with speed reading courses. There are many online trainings available at the Institute that will increase the speed of reading and comprehension. In addition to these, you can get other trainings that you can improve yourself.

  • Speed ​​Reading Training with Understanding
  • Speed ​​Reading Techniques (Advanced)
  • Memory Techniques Training
  • Concentration Training
  • Stress and Coping Training
  • Time Management Training

In studies conducted on people who have difficulty in speed reading, it has been revealed that this is generally related to stress and concentration. Participants in the experiment reported that they were distracted during speed reading or that the desire to speed read could be a stressor. Considering all these, the effect of external factors in speed reading courses cannot be ignored.

In the speed reading training by understanding, you will receive a training in which your reading speed is measured using a formula that allows you to understand how many words per minute you read. As you learn these techniques practically, you will witness for yourself that your vocabulary speed increases while reading.

Speed ​​reading techniques training is an advanced training. You can attend this long-term training after completing the speed reading techniques training by understanding the basic level with live lessons. You will learn practical and technical information for increasing reading speed. You can access training during the subscription period, and you can continue to improve yourself.

Memory techniques training, on the other hand, is all about the memorability of the things encountered. In other words, you need to learn memory techniques in order to be permanent in your mind while reading a text. My memory techniques are purely visual. So you can associate something you want to be catchy with an image. Reading a book may not have images. However, you can code the words you encounter in your mind. This will make your reading comprehension process much easier. It is one of the most useful trainings among speed reading courses that will strengthen your mind.

The other training is concentration training. The sine qua non of speed reading is to be conscious of understanding what you are reading and to eliminate other factors. For this, it would be best to take concentration training. Concentration training will allow you to get rid of the disturbing elements or distractions in your reading among the speed reading courses, and will enable you to fulfill the things you have planned in your life. It is one of the most important personal development trainings.

Stress is in every aspect of our lives. The more successful you are in dealing with stress and stress, the more you will have done all your work that requires speed, completely calmly. Stress and coping training includes techniques to help you achieve your goals and better focus on your speed reading.

How Can I Read Faster?

The duration of this completely varies from person to person. However, when you start with this purpose, you will improve from the day you start speed reading courses. If you set a goal for yourself, the progress will be more effective. You should be confident about the number of words you want to read per minute and the time you can spare for the target you set.

You can be in a race with yourself at the goal you set for yourself. You can use various tools that will facilitate your speed reading. In general, underlining a text with a pen has not been a recommended method until now. However, on the contrary, this is one of the techniques that will facilitate your speed reading. Because you can adjust your speed with the pen while reading.

In addition, you can gradually limit reading texts to groups of words and blocks of text instead of words. Try reading short paragraphs instead of reading pages and pages in the beginning.

Since you will learn speed reading techniques in detail in speed reading courses, you will have learned from an expert where to start and how to proceed.

Where Can I Get Started with Speed ​​Reading?

People who are adept at speed reading usually start with eye exercises. Eye exercises alone are not enough to speed up reading. Here, you need to get rid of any factor that may disturb your concentration or stress you and focus completely on speed reading.

In order to start speed reading and organize it, you should not only scan the text you are reading. In fact, you should aim to understand everything of the text you scan. Most people fail at this.

First of all, you should start with the following question; “Why do I want to read faster?”. The answer to this question may be preparing for the exam, you may not have time to read, or you may have set a reading list for yourself and want to finish it before it is completed this year. You will be surprised to see that your reading speed has increased tremendously with the speed reading trainings at the Institute. Just set your goal and start your goal whenever you want with online speed reading courses.

How Long Do Speed ​​Reading Trainings Take?

You can be sure that online speed reading training will be very useful for you. After you register for speed reading trainings, you can access them during the subscription period. Although the subscription periods vary according to the trainings, you can practice your speed reading for a minimum of 45 days, within the period of your registration for the training. Of course, it is not limited to this. You can continue to access the trainings as long as you wish by renewing your registration.

Speed ​​reading training allows you to complete speed reading activities in a short time. It helps you to make great progress in speed reading in a short time. You can follow the trainings on videos as well as live lessons. Your subscription periods also include these live lesson periods. Live classes are held on weekdays. You will receive speed reading training accompanied by an instructor.

What Do Speed ​​Reading Training Certificates Do?

After you learn speed reading training in a practical and technical way, you are subjected to an exam. In the exam, you will be held responsible for the information you have learned in the course and the speed reading techniques that make it memorable.

The exams you take at the end of speed reading training are about reinforcing what you know. If you pass the exam, you can get your certificate.

If you get the certificates of speed reading courses, you can write it on your CV. Many jobs today require quick action. Having documented that you have taken speed reading training gives you an added advantage. Some jobs that require speed reading;

  • Call center
  • Content editor
  • Content Authoring
  • Blogging
  • Scientific Research and Article Authoring
  • Lawyer/Judge

In general, it will be useful in business areas such as reading and writing. However, you can use it in any industry. It will be very useful when you are reading a report that is pages long, evaluating indictments about lawsuits and written complaints/suggestions sent to call centers. If you are a law student, these speed reading courses will be very useful for you. If you have a lot to read in a short time, the solution is to attend speed reading courses.

Since you are expected to do a good job in content writing and article research in a short time, it may seem like a very laborious task to produce original content from the texts you have read and researched, but you can improve your skills with speed reading and comprehension courses in order to be able to understand and translate it into text in a short time.

You can declare your certificates in many other fields and if there is a more effective way than saying I am talented in this field, it is to present your certificates you received from speed reading trainings. So definitely stand out from other candidates by getting your speed reading training certificates.

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