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Learning Russian can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here at Russian Courses, we offer everything you need to get started – from grammar lessons to vocabulary lists, and more!

If you've wanted to learn Russian for a long time but keep putting it off, now is the time to start. You can participate in Russian trainings at the Institute. So, where exactly should you start? First, set a goal for yourself to take Russian courses. For example; With the determination to read the books of famous authors such as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky in their original language. You may want to get to know Russia and Russian culture. Post-Soviet Russians are interesting in their history, sensibilities, aesthetic views, and rules about living life. At the same time, they usually come to our country for a holiday, as they have similarities with Turkish culture. If you have a goal of working in tourism, it is the right time to start Russian courses.

What Will You Learn in Russian Courses?

You can find the most comprehensive training on online Russian courses at the Institute. If you want to learn about the Russian language and culture, you can find Russian courses for this purpose at the Institute. With the Russian courses at the Institute, many activities, and techniques that can be used for practical study, you will get more than you expect. It will be an excellent course for you wherever you are, with reading aloud activities, practice exams, and various Russian practice tools. You will have achieved more than you expected from the Russian course.

The most important and distinct difference separating Russian from Turkish is the Cyrillic alphabet. That's why you need to learn the alphabet first. You will learn the Cyrillic alphabet and sounds in the Russian courses at the Institute. Thanks to the expert trainer who will help you read words correctly, you will also learn techniques that will help you learn very quickly.

After learning the letters, you will read common Russian words and phrases. In addition, you will learn about basic expressions such as introducing yourself. It may seem difficult at first glance, but after attending Russian training at the Institute, you will learn to write, read and speak Russian very quickly.

What are the Russian Learning Methods?

There are many ideas and theories on how to learn Russian. Some people end up in Russia, so interacting with people is a better way of learning. Some of them meet many Russian tourists in tourism, and they agree that being in constant contact with them teaches more. Others say that it is necessary to deal with the grammar part of Russian first. Helpful tutorials such as flashcards, glossary, and many working methods are available on the correct use of text and audio.

However, not everyone has the time or money for them. To solve this issue, attending online Russian courses is the best solution method. You can participate in Russian courses at the Institute free of charge within a certain quota. You can save both time and money. Although it is already paid for, the trainings are very affordable, and everyone can attend.

Online Russian training takes place with life lessons. Here you can ask what you do not know. Since they are recorded in the system as videos, you can go back and look at what you don't know. The Russian instructor is an expert and native instructor in his field. Therefore, you are fortunate to learn Russian. You will learn Russian with correct pronunciation methods.

How Can I Practice in Russian Courses?

Like any foreign language, it is an ungrateful language that can, of course, be forgotten if you don't deal with it. Therefore, we will talk about some Russian practices;

1 - Create a discussion in forums

Create a discussion in Russian in the meetings or forum section on your course page at the Institute. You can interact with other students to practice speaking Russian. In this way, you will have the opportunity to practice what you learned in training about Russian.

2 - Make notes and share them

One of the most effective study methods is to work by writing. Make notes on the topics you have learned in online Russian courses and share these notes with other students in the student grades area on your course page. With this method, you will share your knowledge with other people, learn something from them and have a better command of Russian.

3 - Chat in Russian

There is a student group on the Russian courses you take at the Institute. Everyone here will be willing to learn because they join to learn Russian for the same purpose as you. Therefore, you can start a conversation in Russian on a topic from the student group area and continue the training as long as you register. You can re-register for the Russian courses at the Institute when you finish. If you like the continuous learning method, you can re-register and continue where you left off.

4 - Ask your teacher about TV series/movies in Russian

Your Russian instructor will have suggestions on this subject truck. You can look at the TV series and films he recommends in class and review the idea of watching TV series/movies, which is one of the different ways to improve your Russian.

5 - Use your phone in Russian

This is a simple method. You can learn phrases and become more familiar with the language by changing your phone's language to Russian.

6 - Create Russian word cards

You can make it from those little papers with words written on them. It's a straightforward and accessible method. Make these papers of words you do not know and repeat them repeatedly. It will help you remember better.

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