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Python is an open source programming language created by Guido and Rossum. It is one of the oldest programming languages. The first version was published on January 16, 1991. Although Python had a complex syntax in the early days, it has become a language that is widely used and can be learned easily today. Many different versions of Python have been released. But they all have the same design philosophy.

One of the features that distinguishes Python from other languages is that it can be run in three different modes. Interactive mode is script mode and compiled mode or byte mode. Interactive mode is a scripting mode that allows you to write code to interactive memory. Exports your code to a file that can run as a program. This is more like Java or C++ language. Byte mode essentially takes the script and converts it as bytecodes.

Why Should You Take Python Trainings?

First of all, Python has powerful typing features. No matter what the code is or whatever it is, the type always remains constant, regardless of number or letter.

The second reason for you to learn Python is that it makes your life much easier while coding. You also need to use less code in Python to do anything compared to other languages. Although it is a very open and clear programming language, being open source shows that it can be continuously improved. Your files will not be in unnecessary confusion and you will always be able to understand what you are doing.

It is a general purpose language and can be used for anything. You can use it for many purposes such as web development, machine learning, writing bots, controlling robots, making games. You can design countless different programs with python, an easy and readily available language. The most fun part of coding is knowing python.

Python, you know everyone has access to the source code. It becomes that there are no hidden agendas, it is impossible for someone to tamper with your program or data in any way. And you get a great opportunity to update something and make it better. You can also be inspired by others and constantly improve yourself.

There are many reasons why you should learn Python.

Where Is Python Used?

Python programming language is used in many different fields. Some of the fields used are:

  • Software companies that use the Python programming language to create applications for various purposes.
  • Systems based on an open source version of Python called 'embedded'. Embedded computers are computers that are built into other machines and run without a display or keyboard attached.
  • Used in toys and games. Because it allows you to develop control systems quickly. For example, LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots have controller software written in Python.
  • Education, because it allows students to learn programming while also teaching them how computers work.
  • It is used in scientific research. Scientific calculations are easier by using the Numeric extension libraries developed for this purpose.
  • Google has released the source code of some internal components under a free software license. It used Python as one of its development languages ​​and many Python developers use it.
  • The United States government also uses it. NSA (National Security Agency) is making several developments for Osprey, a visualization engine using Python. Scientists working on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) also use this technology to make the data collected while performing their experiments available online in real time.

In addition to these, some universities also add Python as a first language to their curriculum. Because students have a very easy access so that they do not have to deal with tedious institutional steps and gain speed in learning. Students can begin to design programs.

Companies Using Python

There are also several companies that provide various tools or services based on the Python programming language. For example; Zope Corporation is a provider of enterprise content management and collaboration tools. Enthink provides commercial support for scientific and engineering calculations. It also offers Enthink Canopy, an integrated Python-based development environment (IDE) that can be used to build applications in areas such as computational processing, visualization, modeling, and web development. Hollywood has been using Python for years because it's easy to use and very impressive.

As you can see, it is used in many fields and has an international effect. Let's also clarify why you should take the Python Training;

Why Should I Take a Python Course?

You should learn Python. Because you need to use Python to do anything you want. It has many frameworks and rich libraries.

If you say you haven't heard about Python before, now is the time to hear it. Because with free python training, you will have made a revolution in your life. It will be among the requirements of the professions of the future. That's why you need to take action somehow to get started. It would be a great deficiency not to learn a most used programming language. It shows up in website designs, machine learning, and even a variety of enterprise applications.

It would not be wrong to describe python, which is such an easy language, as a language that has become compulsory to learn. It is a multi-domain programming language that supports object orientations, functional features, and various development applications. You can see Python in almost every software infrastructure. Python courses allow you to write many programs. In addition to providing benefits, it helps you to create the right phrases.

What are Python Courses?

Python courses are usually free. You can join for free. To improve yourself, you must first attend Python basic training. You can then attend advanced training to support this. Workshops related to this are also held. There are many options at the institute. 2D Game Design course with Pygame is also free. You should definitely attend.

All training at the Institute takes place online. That's why you can start whenever and wherever you want. But you don't have to wait to get started. Get started right away by joining any of our Python courses. From where you are. Get an education in the comfort of your home with the advantage of online education.

The content of each training is quite extensive and you can contact your instructor and direct your questions. The best part is, even if it is online education, you have a more effective development opportunity than face-to-face education. Participating in Python online trainings will contribute a lot to you. If you are successful in the exam at the end of the training, you can get a free certificate code. You can give the certificates you received from Python courses to institutions in your job applications. They can query your certificate from the institute database and can see the training you have received about python.

Free Python Courses

The first of the Python trainings is the basic level training. Start laying the foundations of Python with the expert who writes fast code from his shadow. The subjects you will learn here are very comprehensive and you can learn the 2-semester education given in the curriculum of a university in an accelerated way. Learning Python in 5 days? Definitely. Even you will be surprised by this. If you have set yourself a career goal related to programming and software, you should start with this training. Because a programmer should understand the Python language as soon as he sees it. It is simple to learn, easy to set up, and costs very little. You will learn syntaxes, functions, loops and complex structures thanks to the Python Training at the Institute. After getting a start with the Python course, you can continue with advanced training.

Advanced Python Course

You will have taken a big step towards mastering Python Advanced Training. You will be able to develop everything from database connections to console applications. You can also buy the advanced level of Python course at a very affordable price. Moreover, your subscription period is 1 year. The live lessons will be updated 3 times a year, you will be able to follow the previous semester records and stay in constant contact with the instructor. The best part of specialization programs is that they are long-term training. Thanks to the advanced python course, you will be able to come to the level of expertise. Moreover, if you want to make a quick introduction or if you say that you took python education at the university, you will start with the basic algorithm course and you will start a python learning process at the speed you are looking for. You will have learned in the advanced python training that it is very easy to write code using IDEs such as Visual Studio Coda, PyCharm.

2D Game Programming with Pygame

And if you want to move on to the fun part, you are ready for 2D Game Programming with Pygame, again with the difference of the Institute. Pygame is one of the popular python libraries. It is an open source library developed for making multimedia applications. A great course to learn what you can do in this free library. You can use many types of media with Pygame. It has many functions such as graphic designs and displaying visual files on the screen. If you do these within a fiction, you have designed a game as you guessed. Why not design your own game? This also allows you to create a project. It is a very important competency that you can write on your CV. Thanks to Pygame, you will design a game by going beyond the limits of classical programming. This education is free at the Institute. Join the free Pygame course.

Applied Algorithm Solving with Python

If you want to solve algorithms with Python in a practical way, there is a workshop about it. You can do face-to-face applied algorithm solution. It is a face-to-face activity where you can improve yourself as well as theoretical knowledge. With the difference of the Institute, you can access all kinds of python trainings.

What Does a Python Certification Do?

First of all, having a python certificate shows that you understand the software. In other words, when you come across a python-related code, you can understand what is happening and at least see what needs to be done from the syntax. Since it is one of the must-learn programming languages ​​of the century, it will definitely give you a great advantage to learn.

You can say that you saw the python language in a job interview, and even your university transcript may show that you have received this training. However, the fact that you have received a document about it is different from a normal education. It provides evidence that you've improved on this. That's why it's very important that you document your python training after you get it.

If you have a career in software and programming, python certificates are a must. You must have it on your CV. This makes you stand out among the army of unemployed and uncertified candidates more than candidates who apply with only diplomas. It helps a lot in getting invited for interviews and even getting job offers. At the same time, if you are going to do a freelance job, be sure to have it in your file to certify that you have received python training.

Python certification also shows that you are at the level of programming related to python. Knowing Python also gives another competence. There are many candidates in this field. That's why the python certificate will put you in a position with the desired features.

You may have designed a game with pygame, you may have created a program in python basic and advanced training, whatever you do, the easiest way to prove to employers is to get a certificate. At the same time, if you turn what you learned in these trainings into a project, you can see more benefits from the certificates. Along with having a Python certificate, you should also show that you can add something to the workplaces you will enter. You can also include your projects in the details of your Python certificate. This will make you stand out more than other candidates. Moreover, when there are so many candidates in the field of software and programming, highlighting yourself with a specific python certificate will provide you with a very advantageous situation.

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