Psychology Courses


All forms of thought, emotion and behavior that determine and direct an individual and community are defined as psychology. As a branch of science, it is expressed as an academic and applied field that includes scientific studies of behaviors and mental processes. Psychology education is a professional education given at universities. The Department of Psychology in most public and private universities includes a 4-year education. Graduates of this department receive the title of Psychologist and conduct studies on attention, emotion, perception, behavior, personality and interpersonal relations and phenomena. After completing their university education, those who want to advance their career in psychology can take Psychology Trainings related to their field. As Istanbul Business Institute, we have prepared some online psychology trainings for those who want to make a career in this field. You can examine different trainings from NLP to Stress Management, Mobbing to Burnout Syndrome, from Life Coaching Training to Student Coaching, from Saying No to Conflict Management on the institute page. You can increase your success with the certificate you will receive at the end of these trainings, which can be preferred by those who want to specialize in the field of psychology. By examining the trainings in the field of psychology, you can immediately register for all trainings in this field.

What are Psychology Trainings?

There are hundreds of trainings at the Institute under many topics, from personal development to foreign languages, from finance to authorship, from communication to human resources, from business life training to sales and marketing, from software and informatics to psychology. You will be able to easily use the certificates you will receive at the end of the course in job applications, while contributing to your personal development thanks to the live trainings provided by expert trainers.

In live lessons, you will be able to ask all your questions to our expert trainings. Interactive trainings are very enjoyable. Live lessons are also recorded. In this way, you can watch the repetitions of the courses you have attended, or you can follow the recordings of the courses you have not attended. At the end of the training, you can find the opportunity to try yourself with the certification exam. If you get a score of 70 or higher on the certification exam, you will be successful. You can crown your success in education by ordering the wet-signed certificates of the trainings you have been successful in. We can list the trainings in the category of psychology trainings within the Institute as follows;

  • Burnout Syndrome
  • Mobbing Training
  • Stress and Coping with Stress Education
  • Stress Management Training
  • NLP
  • Life Coaching Training
  • Play Therapy
  • Fairy Tale Therapy
  • Creative drama
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Training to Say No
  • Persuasion Games Education
  • Intergenerational Communication in Business Life
  • Work-Life and Work-Family Balance Training

What is the Use of Education in the Field of Psychology?

Improve yourself by taking the trainings in the psychology category. These trainings not only bring you to an important point professionally, but also help you to apply for a job in different fields. After completing your undergraduate education, you can choose courses in the field of psychology to contribute to your personal development. Enrich your CV with the different and comprehensive trainings you will receive in this field. Do not miss the courses in the psychology category to stay one step ahead of your competitors who have completed their education in this field. We can list the benefits of training in the category of psychology as follows;

- You will be able to understand yourself better thanks to the trainings you will receive from the field of psychology.

- With the various trainings you will receive, you will be able to apply for jobs in different sectors as well as your field.

- Trainings support your versatile development.

- You will be able to reach a more effective and powerful career with these trainings that help you be more productive in your social life.

- Thanks to the practical information you will get from these trainings, your productivity in your business life will increase.

- You will be able to establish a healthier communication within your institution.

You can achieve more successful works by increasing your self-confidence.

With Motivation 3.0 Training, You Will Overcome Difficulties Easier

Motivation 3.0 Training, one of the trainings in the Psychology Category given by the Institute, lasts 4 days. Starting with the definition of motivation, the training covers motivation types, motivation theories, errors in the reward and punishment system, intrinsic motivation tools, autonomy theory, motivators, motivation and performance interaction. Thanks to this training, you will learn what motivation is in all details, and you will be able to activate your own motivators in your business and private life. You will learn from the expert how to make these motivators more effective. By finding ways to increase your motivation, you will be able to communicate more positively with your environment. Challenges in your life at the end of Motivation 3.0 Training.

You will be able to overcome the ukes more easily. We can list the achievements you will get at the end of Motivation 3.0 Training as follows;

-At the end of the motivation training, you will learn all the techniques you will use in this field.

-At the end of a successful education, you will be happier in your business and social life.

-You will see the types of motivation theories by discussing them in detail.

-You will be able to comprehend positive thinking methods.

You will be able to learn motivation theories and apply them in your life.

-You will gain skills in motivation management in unusual situations.

You will be able to activate the creativity of your brain by becoming aware of the factors that limit yourself.

- By discovering the internal and external factors that reduce your motivation, you will be able to see the factors that lower your morale more clearly.

-You will be able to create strategies that will increase your motivation faster by helping you reach your individual and corporate goals in your business and private life.

-You will discover your strengths and weaknesses thanks to our expert trainer. In this way, you will be able to realize your potential and turn this potential into performance.

-You will be able to expand your limits by increasing your productivity.

-You will discover alternative ways.

You will have a proactive perspective in your work and family life.

Learn How to Cope with Burnout Syndrome from an Expert

Burnout Syndrome, which is one of the types of work life stress, is defined as mental and physical exhaustion that reduces the sense of pleasure and success that a person gets from career, friends or family interaction. People with this syndrome feel overwhelmed. For this reason, they tend not to isolate themselves by ceasing to socialize and trust family members, friends or co-workers. The person begins to lose his cool easily towards his family, friends and co-workers. An individual who loses his cool easily can get angry at even the smallest incident. Managing and coping with the stress in normal work and transactions, such as taking your child to school, preparing for a business meeting, and helping your spouse with housework, is seen as an insurmountable obstacle when things don't go as planned. Burnout syndrome training takes 5 days. At the end of this 5-day intensive training, people learn what burnout syndrome is. Better comprehend the difference and differences between stress, depression and burnout syndrome. Learns the symptoms and causes of burnout syndrome from the specialist. He sees how to deal with the Burnout Syndrome and the tricks by helping him in this regard. In addition, with the education, he gets detailed information about the concept of mobbing, which causes burnout syndrome.

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