Presentation Techniques Courses


If you want to make a successful impression with your presentations, there are some presentation techniques you need to know. You will improve yourself with presentation techniques training. Presentation techniques training at the Institute will have an important place in your business and social life.

A presentation is an effective and persuasive transfer of a research, project or a determined topic made with certain materials to the audience. In general, the aim of the presentation is to explain the result of a study, to renew the information about the determined subject or to contribute to scientific projects and theses. Presentations can be prepared in two ways, for informational and persuasive purposes. While the presentation prepared for informative purposes is aimed at giving information and teaching, the principle of activating, promoting, directing and persuading is observed in the presentation for persuasion. Presentations can be listed in 7 types as formal presentations, informal presentations, one-to-one presentations, briefings, working group presentations, meeting and video conference presentations.

What are Presentation Techniques Trainings?

To be successful in your presentations, you can attend these trainings, which are a guide;

  • Effective Presentation Techniques Training
  • Online Presentation Techniques Training
  • Visual Design Trainings with Ready-made Templates
  • Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Persuasion Techniques Training
  • Persuasion Games Training
  • Fundamentals of Correct and Effective Speaking
  • Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language Training

What are the Other Trainings You Should Take for a Successful Presentation?

With Effective Presentation Techniques Training, you will go a long way in allowing a successful presentation in the 5-day program. You will be able to explain your subject in a better way to all the audience and you will overcome the fear of speaking in presentations. The most important pillar of the presentation subject is your continuous research on this subject. If you want the topics to be conveyed to the other side more effectively, you should not be content with just this training in presentation. You can receive training on body language and diction, which are the most important pillars of the presentation. The Institute offers excellent Personal Development Trainings. In this context, you can attend our Diction, Effective Communication and Body Language, Fundamentals of Correct and Effective Speaking, Persuasion Techniques Training, Empathy and Communication courses. The presentation usually needs to be completed within a certain time frame so that the participants are not bored and the message is delivered. For this reason, one of the most important characteristics of a person who will make a good and effective presentation is to know time management. You can learn how to manage time in your presentations by taking the Time Management training at the Institute.

What Will You Learn in Presentation Techniques Training?

Presentation can be defined as a performance art. The most important goal in the transfer, where we are the director and you have prepared all the editing, is to be listened to, liked and productive. The most valuable area of ​​this performance art is freedom. You need to be free while presenting and interpret the techniques to be used yourself. In order for you to make an effective and successful presentation, the Institute offers you beautiful training options. With the Effective Presentation Techniques Training, you will be able to prepare and make your presentation more effectively and successfully. Starting with the definition of the presentation, the training covers how to communicate effectively in the presentation. You will learn from the experts 3 factors that will make you successful in making an effective presentation. You will see the Dale Experience Pyramid, which is an important component in this field that can make your presentation and address according to your target audience. We can list the other topics that you will see within the scope of the training as follows;

  • Style
  • Image Management in Presentation
  • fear of speaking
  • Body Language in Presentation
  • Presentation Preparation Stages
  • 3 N Rule in Presentation
  • Introduction-Development-Result
  • Effective Presentation Examples

You will have information about the right choice of titles, what to consider when making a presentation, and many more. In these trainings, you will learn all the information that will enable you to convey the information more easily and effectively than reading the slides and filling the slides with information.

If you are not preparing a presentation for an academic journal or a scientific publication, you definitely do not need to prepare presentations that everyone will have to read. The creative preparation of the title and content you choose will be a more effective method of preparing a presentation. Giving neither the full content of your presentation on the slides will both scare the audience and take a lot of your time. That's why you can learn how to prepare a presentation correctly by participating in the Effective Presentation Techniques Training.

It is very important that you add unity in your titles and content. For example, when you say “The effect of visuals on the presentation”, your presentation will cause it to be thought of as a content full of theoretical information rather than entertaining. When you specify a title, “Let's animate the presentations” instead, it is understood that it is something to animate presentations with visuals and various media tools. And because you add togetherness, they will experience the excitement of it. At the same time, it is important that you add visuality to the presentation, appealing to the visual rather than the text, for this it will be the right choice to take visual design training with ready-made templates.

Nowadays, everything has moved to digital, so you need to learn online presentation techniques. When you give an online presentation, there is no face-to-face interaction unlike a regular presentation. Therefore, preparing an accurate presentation is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately, you can attend the online presentation techniques training at the Institute and learn from the experts along with their techniques.

In order to attract the audience in your presentations, you need to know some persuasion techniques. At the same time, you can attract their attention with various persuasion games. The body language you do here and the communication method you choose are also very important.

In addition to preparing your presentation correctly, you can also learn correct speaking and communication techniques at the Institute by taking the basics of correct and effective speaking training.

Why Should You Attend Effective Presentation Techniques Training?

You may be asked to make a presentation on any topic in many areas of our school, business and private life. A presentation is actually a show that we make in every aspect of our lives. It is also a presentation to tell your friends about your day when you return home from school, or to tell your partner about an event that happened to you. In fact, we all make presentations in every aspect of our lives. Everything we transfer to the other party is a presentation. You should definitely attend this training in order to learn the presentation in all areas of our lives well and to perform it more effectively. In this training, you will find all the necessary tricks in an effective presentation or expression in order to be able to use communication effectively, to successfully convey all the events you are going to tell, and to convey your message to the other party fully. With the training, you will learn all the details of the features that should be found in people who make an effective presentation. We can list the characteristics that an effective presenter should have as follows;

-You should establish good communication with the participants

-You should use your body language (gestures and mimics) and verbal communication (diction and tone of voice) effectively.

You should always be patient and understanding as you may encounter different people and characters in presentations.

-A good presenter should be able to understand human psychology.

-Since you are in the position of teaching person, you must know how to lead in order to lead.

-You have to go on stage with enough knowledge.

-Your analysis skills must be developed

-You should stand upright while making a presentation and convey that you are a well-groomed and self-confident person.

-You have to be unique.

- Creative, entertaining, constantly renewing itself, processing changes, emergency rescuer (icebreaker) features should be found.

You Can Make Your First Presentation Live With Effective Presentation Techniques

Effective Presentation Techniques Training is held live once a month. Our training covers a 5-day program, 1 day a week. On the first day of the training, the definition of the presentation is made and it is stated that the subject of the presentation actually takes place in all areas of life. How to start the presentation, the points you need to pay attention to are mentioned, and the features you need to have in order to make a good presentation are discussed. On the second day of the training, Dale's Pyramid of Experience, which has an important place in this field, is explained. In the presentation, it is mentioned how you should follow a creative path and how to get rid of the Fear of Speaking. On the third day of the training, which was enjoyable, the 3N Rule is discussed in detail in the Presentation. In the Introduction-Development and Conclusion area, your roadmap that will reveal your success in presentation will be determined. What am I here for? While finding the answer to the question, How will I tell in addition to this question? You will find a way to enrich our presentation narrative by adding the question. What am I Telling you to guide you in the development part? With the question, you will see the formula for transmitting your messages to the other party more effectively. How will I present the tricks of this formula? You can access it more easily with the question. In the conclusion part, which is the crucial point of your presentation and where you come to the message you want to give to the other party, What Did I Present? How should I say the question? You can put the point by adding the suffix.

Effective Presentation Techniques With the training, you can get the chance to apply and put into practice all the knowledge you have received in the first 3 days. In this course, which draws attention as an applied training, our training gives the opportunity to make a presentation on Friday to 5 willing participants. These 5 willing people determine a topic they want and prepare a presentation. You can choose a movie you watch, your hometown, a book you read as a subject. By preparing your presentation on the subject you have determined, you make your presentation to all participants in the live lesson on Friday. In this event, our instructor instantly informs you of your shortcomings, mistakes and the rules you need to pay attention to in your presentation. In addition, the person who takes the first place in the survey conducted among the presenters is given a Reference Letter by the trainer.

How to Use the Magic of Colors on Slides

It has been scientifically proven that colors have some effects on humans. A signal goes to the brain of the person who sees any color and activates feelings of happiness, sadness and joy. Doctors started to use colors in their treatments by taking advantage of the calming properties of colors. Companies are trying to direct their customers to buy by using them in their logos or products. You can use this effect of colors in your presentations. If you know the emotions that colors create in people, you will get important information about what to do and what not to do while preparing a presentation. The more effectively you use colors, the better your presentation will be. We can list the magic of the colors you will use in the slides and the emotions they feel as follows;

  • Blue: It is the color of peace. Peace, eternity, freedom.
  • Black: It is the color of contrasts. Grief, loneliness, nobility, pessimism.
  • Brown: It is the color of impermanence. Simplicity, fortitude, sincerity.
  • Yellow: It is the color of the sun, the color of impermanence and enthusiasm. Joy, enthusiasm, attention, efficiency.
  • Purple: Brings out neurotic emotions. It is the color of luxury. Neurotic, luxury.
  • Green: It has a calming effect and is the color of confidence. Confidence, loyalty, calming.
  • Pink: Calming, compassion, dreams.
  • Red: It is the color of energy and power. Power, energy, speed, self-confidence, motivation.

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Slides?

It shouldn't be too much text. We will divide our articles into slides. It affects our minutes more than the number of slides we have to talk. Thanks to the presentations that do not contain too much text, we do not become dependent on the slide and ensure that people do not spend too much time with the slide.

Do not use hard-to-read handwritten characters on slides. Written text must be legible. We should address the other side with a legible font. Messy, complex handwriting may look good, but after making it difficult for participants to read, it will give a negative image as it is of no use to us.

We shouldn't use too many pictures. We should use images large enough for people to see. Our point on the slide is to get people to pay attention to us before it causes confusion.

Do not prepare multiple color slides in a row. Use up to four different colors on a slide.

There may be colorblindness in the audience. Since people with color blindness cannot distinguish red, blue and green colors in the same frame, be careful not to use these colors together in slides.

What Does a Presentation Techniques Certificate Do?

One of the most sought-after competencies in business life is the ability to make presentations. You're actually presenting when you report monthly or weekly to your employer or department manager, articulate a topic when communicating with customers, and more. That's why it's important to improve yourself in this regard.

After you have developed yourself in the field of presentation techniques, submitting these documents in your job applications will provide an advantage over people who have no certificate or training in this regard. Employers give importance to competencies in this regard. Because this means that you know how to speak correctly and effectively, and that you convey what you know correctly. Be sure to share the certificates you received at the end of the presentation techniques training.

After you attend trainings on presentation techniques, you take certification exams. So this is not a piece of paper bought with money, but a valuable document on which your knowledge is measured. At the same time, if the certificates you receive from the presentation techniques training are printed, there are many printing techniques that prevent cold stamp and seal, and counterfeiting. Above all, your certificates can be inquired through the publicly recognized Institute website. Employers or HR specialists can inquire about the presentation techniques training on the Institute website.

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