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In the name of occupational health and safety, the safety of the work and the worker is the protection of the physical and psychological health of the worker. In addition, the International Labor Organization defines OSH as a multidisciplinary field of practice that deals with preventing work-related injury, illness and disability, and death. Therefore, every synonymous discipline that protects the employee both mentally and physically falls within the scope of OHS.

What are the Factors Affecting Occupational Health and Safety?

Stress comes first to talk about the factors that affect an employee's occupational mental health. A stress-free work environment enables employees to be more productive and significantly reduces the risk of accidents.
The occupational health and safety system tries to prevent work-related injuries or illnesses by designing safe practices in the workplace. It provides information to employers and employees on using specific tools and machinery, equipment and taking the necessary precautions to preserve chemicals. In addition, it provides instructions on how to do things safely with personal protective equipment and encourages compliance.

Occupational health and safety are also closely related to the employee's mental health. Because some factors cause mental health, a job may be laid off for a reason, such as poor mental health, or depression for another reason, or a drop in productivity caused by low mood. On the contrary, if good mental health conditions are created, resilience and creativity will increase and positively. Increasing productivity is also essential for businesses because it reduces the expenditures caused by health planning and mistakes.

Employers should ensure that their employees receive the appropriate training in terms of development and supervision. Employers are required to give their employees enough leave after completing a particular task or project. This will make the work effective and relieve the mental fatigue of the employee. Otherwise, the employee will become more depressed and not be productive in his career. Instead of overworking the employees, it is possible to evaluate them in other projects.

Who Provides Occupational Health and Safety?

OSH responsibility is divided between the government and employers engaged in trade and industry in many countries. Those who want to become an OHS specialist in our country are subject to ministry exams. All kinds of factors are also considered by being protected by existing laws. Technological hazards are still a matter of debate, but there are legal standards covering them. New legislation is enacted, and the gaps are tried to be closed. Minimum standards are established for the rules to be applied in particular danger. Government plays a significant role in reconciling interested parties such as trade unions, industry groups, employers' organizations, and OSH professionals.

What Do Occupational Health and Safety Trainings Do?

Informing employees about the OHS system is an important issue. Because this system protects them, and they need clear and precise information about OHS.
For example, an employee should know how to ensure safety while performing a specific task. There is a general directive about who evaluates the dangerous projects and plans, who will do what in case of an accident, where the emergency equipment is kept in case of an accident, and the employees must be informed about this.

A good time management policy should be in place to complete a project with appropriate training and supervision. Clear communication should be established between managers and workers. Occupational health and safety training should be taken to protect physical and mental health that affects productivity. At the same time, an employee's physical or mental illness at work affects his whole life.

As an institution, workplaces that require occupational health and safety training for their employees want this training to be completed successfully. In this direction, you can present a document to the workplace that you have completed. Apart from that, you can achieve this training individually. It will give you an added advantage when entering a job. At the same time, there are personal benefits. You will have information about how to ensure your safety as an employee.

What is Occupational Health and Safety Training?

Occupational health and safety training provide optimum conditions that ensure safe working environments through effective risk assessment plans. This training ensures that various information is received to determine the employees' health problems and ensure their safety. In addition, the prevention of injuries ensures that situations that can adversely affect mental health are prevented. 

These trainings are essential and beneficial not only for workers but also for employers. With the Occupational Health and Safety legislation, employers also fulfill their duties to act by the regulations and laws. Therefore, occupational health and safety training protects the parties and ensures job satisfaction.

You can participate in many certified occupational health and safety training programs at IIENSTITU.

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