Management Trainings


Management education is a long-standing concept. Companies have provided management training to managers for more than 100 years, and many companies now require anyone aspiring to become auditors or managers to complete management training.

What Does Management Training Do?

In many organizations, the best way to convince your superiors about getting a promotion is to take management training courses and certify this from an institution like the Institute. It allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in various business areas including finance, accounting, marketing, human resources. Also, if you work for a company that usually offers promotion opportunities, the administrative side will have documentation to consider.

Management trainings and courses can be completed with online training. These trainings can be in any department. It contains information about your work with other managers and from a management perspective.

At home or at work, you can sit in your spare time and read management books, but this does not add to the experience of an expert. Or it's not enough that you're improving yourself to get promoted. Because management skills are learned through experts rather than books. Completing this training at the Institute, which is an official institution, enables you to confidently take the next step as you climb the corporate ladder.

It doesn't matter if you're currently working somewhere or just starting your career. Training in management is equally important for those who have never been a manager. Because it provides you with information on important issues such as learning and understanding the names of departments, their activities, and the organizational structures of companies. If you want to work in the field of management, these trainings will allow you to adapt to the job easily.

It also gives you information on how to deal with or run processes with your subordinates who will one day report directly to you. You will learn about many different management approaches, including authoritarian, democratic or liberal. You can decide which one is suitable for you according to the type of people you manage and the profession you prefer.

Again, management courses will provide you with useful information that will be useful if you want to start a venture in the future. It is also suitable for those who aim to be an entrepreneur as it provides deep knowledge in areas such as human resources, marketing and sales.

There are management trainings in almost every field at the Institute. These programs share common features and may typically include management training in finance, human resources, and a variety of fields.

What Are Management Training Certificates Good For?

Most businesses classify the people they will employ in the field of management in their workplaces according to their interests. So you've aimed for a career in management, but if this isn't evident on your CV or the way you work, it can be hard to spot. However, you can report your request to your department manager or HR specialists.

But there is an easier way. Room; To have a certificate in the field of management. These certificates you have received will open new doors for you in terms of promotions and other opportunities.

Business executives these days no longer expect you to just learn the business. They do not find this sufficient. Because it can often cause them to make mistakes and waste time and resources. Instead, they give importance to the training and certificates you receive from prestigious institutions. You can easily attend management trainings at the Institute. The trainings you receive are given by well-equipped professionals who are experts in their fields, and at the same time, we measure the adequacy of this information by taking an exam at the end of the trainings you receive. You can easily use the certificates you have received.

What are Management Trainings?

Along with the trainings that contain general information in the field of management, you can also attend management trainings for departments.

You can find many management trainings at the Institute in this category.

Management trainings where you can develop yourself individually;

  • Personal Brand Management
  • Image and Perception Management
  • Self Coaching
  • Leadership - Postmodern Leadership Education
  • Coaching Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Time management

Management trainings you can receive as a department;

  • Complaint Management
  • skill management
  • CX Customer Experience Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Retail Management
  • Corporate Life and Communication Management
  • Kitchen Management Services
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Churn and Customer Retention Management
  • Career Management
  • Sales Management
  • Financial management
  • Strategic Management
  • Production management
  • management and organization
  • Business Administration
  • Management of Health Institutions
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