Interview Techniques Courses


Each human resources professional or recruiter applies different interview techniques, depending on the company. But there are some techniques that you need in almost every situation and that don't change.

When you attend the interview techniques trainings at the Institute, you will learn all the interview techniques that a human resources department needs by experts with different characteristics.

What are Interview Techniques Trainings?

While researching a candidate, there are some questions you should ask and some points you should pay attention to when evaluating their CV before the interview and during the interview.

In this regard, the interview techniques trainings at the Institute will be of great help to you.

  • Recruitment and Interview Techniques
  • Competency Based Interview Techniques
  • CV Preparation and Job Interview Preparation Training
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Job Analysis and Job Description Training
  • Career Management Training
  • Digital HR Training

These trainings are required by recruiters.

What Will You Learn in Interview Techniques Training?

These trainings can be taken by experts in the field, as well as candidates preparing for any job interview.

First of all, when choosing a candidate for a job, you need to create an ad in accordance with the recruitment policies. There are issues in this ad that you need to pay attention to and prioritize. You can attend strategic and basic human resources management trainings where you will gain knowledge and improve yourself. The questions you will ask during the interview or the questions you will encounter in the interview will be prepared in accordance with the company's human resources policies. Today, every field has become digital. Therefore, you should also have knowledge of digital human resources management. You can attend these trainings at the Institute.

While preparing an advertisement, job analysis and job descriptions are prepared precisely to find the target candidate. Therefore, a job description and analysis should be done. At the same time, the tasks should be clearly stated. During the interview, the candidate is questioned according to these job and job descriptions.

The recruiter or human resources specialist may not know all the requirements of the job, in this case, they may include the relevant department manager in the interview. In this regard, a competency-based interview is also conducted within the recruitment interview. Candidates are evaluated according to their suitability for the job in each subject.

Interview training includes CV preparation and job interview preparation training. Although this training seems to be mostly for the candidate, it actually emerged from the need for a recruiter to diversify the questions asked during the interview according to the information in the CV. The recruiter should know exactly which parts a candidate should focus on, as well as the parts he writes on his CV. This saves time and ensures that the right candidate is found.

Career management, on the other hand, is one of the topics that closely concerns the interview. Yes, everyone is applying for a job, but applicants have expectations from this company. You need to understand exactly what this candidate expects and tailor interview questions accordingly. When you ask the candidate who wants to work fixed hours a more specific question about the topic of extra work, it will likely be an unproductive interview because he doesn't want to. That's why there must be a career management plan that you can offer to a candidate, both for the candidate and the company. At the same time, this is one of the issues that should be considered for a candidate applying for a job.

What are the Certificates Received from Interview Techniques Training?

If you are going to specialize in the field of human resources or if you have a job related to recruitment, you should definitely get certificates of interview techniques. The certificates you receive will make you stand out more than other candidates.

The interview seems easy to a recruiter in the eyes of the candidates. Because since they are the evaluated party, they who ask the questions may think that the answers are challenging us. However, this is not the case. A recruiter will also review the company's policies when hiring you. Interviewing is a very difficult field. Therefore, you can show that you have developed yourself in this regard with your certificates.

Candidates applying for a job also have certificates on interview techniques, allowing them to find more opportunities to be called for a job interview. Because it shows that you are ready for a job interview because you have learned the technique of this job. Whether you are an expert in this field or a candidate to apply for a job, you must attend interview techniques training and get your certificates.

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