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How much do you know about German? Have you heard before that the second most sought-after foreign language in Turkey is German? Both the business conditions and the economic prosperity of Germany are the first choice of those who want to immigrate. However, the interest in German courses has increased considerably in recent years. You can join from anywhere in Turkey to learn German.

In this section, we will share simple tips for those who want to take the course but don't know where to start. These tips will allow you to find answers to the questions in your mind. If you don't see yourself as talented in language learning, don't worry. There are great ways you can learn German from scratch and get up to the native level.

In this content, we will cover the following sections.

  • Why should you learn German?
  • What are the benefits of learning German?
  • How to find the best German courses?
  • What do German courses teach?

But before these questions, we would like to touch on another issue that almost everyone cares about more. How much do German courses cost? That is the German course prices.

How Much Are the Prices of German Courses?

The price of a German course varies according to its duration and location. If the location is in a very central place and students can easily reach the course location, the price is more affordable. If it is online education, the price will be lower. Because there is no building cost, it is not necessary for the instructor and the student to travel for the lesson. For this reason, online courses are always more convenient.

German courses at the institute are available as A1-A2 and B1-B2. There are also options such as German from scratch and private lessons. These courses usually have the lowest fees on the market. It can also be said that it is the best quality education on the market because it is a live lesson.

If we look at the prices of other German courses in the market, the prices are estimated as follows.

Group lessons: 20 lessons per week - 800₺ per month

Large group lessons (25 students on average): 20 lessons per week - 500₺ per month

Private lessons vary according to the teacher and the lesson time you want. You have to pay an hourly wage between 100 - 400 TL on average.

Even in Germany, German courses average between 100 and 200 Euros per month.

German courses are designed to be able to speak and communicate fluently with Germans. It is made with resources and teaching techniques to help you learn German better. German courses class time is important. More importantly is how often it is done. It is not possible to learn a language by going to a course for 1 hour a month. Learning a familiar foreign language is a difficult process and it is easy to forget what you have learned when you do not repeat it. The fastest and easiest way to learn is to learn from home without wasting time on the road. The biggest advantage of learning from home is the flexible class hours. Even workshops can be done online.

If you attend a formal course, we can say that the price is not cheap. If you want to learn abroad, it is possible to say that you will have much more money out of your pocket. Because you will not just learn the language. You will also learn a lot about German culture, museums, German food and drink. For this reason, each event will cost you much more.

Why Should You Learn German?

I will not try to convince you that learning any language is important. You probably already know this. I want to start with the simplest reason: personal growth and self-improvement. In general, learning a new language is not an easy task. It takes patience, time and effort, as well as creativity and motivation. However, if you overcome all these obstacles, you will feel more confident about your abilities. Then we can say that learning a foreign language is definitely worth it!

We all live in this world together and we can learn a lot from each other. When you start talking to someone who speaks a different language than you, you can find common ground. Isn't that great? You will be more open-minded and tolerant of people whose opinions differ from yours.

The reasons for learning German can be listed as follows.

  • Business
  • Trip
  • Earn respect in society

1) Work: You may think that doing business is not a valid reason to learn a new language. But many people looking for German courses actually do so to get a good job. Those who want to learn German want to learn it in order to work in Germany.

Many international companies are headquartered in Germany – for example, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Nivea, Lufthansa Airlines, BMW, Volkswagen… Also many successful German companies are global companies such as insurance company Allianz or telecommunications giant Deutsche Telecom. Learning German will facilitate communication and keep you at the forefront of developments in your industry. Even if you don't work for a German company, knowing German will allow you to send an email to the board in their language!

2) Travel: If you've been on vacation in Austria, Switzerland or Europe or another country where other German dialects are spoken, you'll find that it's much easier for Germans to understand each other when they speak their local language. Many people who research prices for German courses will visit these countries for travel purposes. Before he leaves, he tries to learn their language and culture by participating in an accelerated German course.

However, German is spoken as a dialect in many countries, but as you move away from Germany, the dialect gets weirder. For this reason, it is necessary to learn at a good level in order to be able to communicate well. You will be able to learn dialects easily when you travel anyway.

3) Gaining prestige in society: People who know the language have always been respected in any society. Because knowing more than one language increases the number of people you can talk to. This adds cultural richness. Knowing German increases your prestige in society.

What Levels Are German Courses Made Up Of?

It consists of levels A1-C2 as in many other languages. Additional courses are also available for speaking and writing skills.

The purpose of learning a foreign language is to be able to communicate with people who speak that language. For this reason, most courses often focus on speaking and writing skills rather than reading and listening.

Texts are mainly used for vocabulary practice and can also help memorize grammar rules. However, this does not mean that students will only read textbooks all day. Discussions, group work, etc. There are many other activities that make lessons more fun, such as There is also a lot of fun content about Germany that is taught in almost every classroom.

The topics to be covered in Online Education are as follows;

Alphabet/ meet, greet and introduce yourself
Numbers and hours
Colors, question words, occupations and days, months, seasons
Countries and the language they speak, shopping, everyday life

What are the Benefits of Learning German?

The German language is one of the most widely spoken and most preferred languages. Learning German, which has a feature that will directly or indirectly affect your life, such as finding a job in Germany or studying in Germany, will add a lot to you.

People who know German well can interpret for their friends or family, especially if they are going to travel. Or they can choose a profession related to German translation. Or a great opportunity to meet the German certification requirement for visa purchases. Therefore, make sure to attend certified German training courses.

Germans love to go to different countries for vacation or education. Especially in Turkey, they prefer regions like Antalya more. Because there is not much in terms of entertainment in Germany. If you are studying in a department in the field of tourism, it will be very useful if you add German to the foreign languages ​​you have learned.

Germany is among the leading exporters in the production of machinery and equipment used in various industries around the world. It is a country that pursues global opportunities. Therefore, if you are dealing with foreign trade or e-commerce, you can learn German. This will allow you to seize the opportunity to open new doors in trading. You can also be someone who works in the field of logistics. Learning German will enable you to find a job in higher positions.

If you know German in addition to English, you can easily get along with everyone in the world. Airline companies may also have German language proficiency requirements for hostess purchases. You may want to get a job that can be worked in the airline. Learning German to become a pilot and stewardess will also make you stand out from other candidates.

It is a country that is very developed in the field of modern technologies such as computers, smart phones and internet connections. It makes it easy for many business people to do business with other business organizations around the world. They play a very active role especially in the field of telecommunications. It will be beneficial for you to learn German in order not to miss job opportunities.

How to Find the Best German Courses?

Learning German is a really difficult process. To learn German well, you need to choose a good institution. Of course, learning German by yourself is also an option, but if you know the right German learning techniques, you will complete your German learning in a much easier process.

In a short time you need to find a German course where you can learn the techniques. In addition to the German course, you can also get help from some applications. You can download applications where you can practice vocabulary and grammar. However, the most effective and best way to learn German is online training.

It's easy to choose the best place to take online German courses. You can attend online German courses at the Institute. These are accompanied by live lessons and you have homework to do. You can get feedback from these assignments and activities in the German course. While you do not have one-on-one opportunities in a formal German course, it is possible in German courses at the Institute. You can take private lessons or attend short-term training courses.

Short-term German courses include a 5-day live lesson program. You may think that you can learn German in 5 days. However, if you learn its techniques and important parts, you will have taken a big step towards learning German 100%. You can also see your progress in education. It is possible to get feedback on where you made mistakes in German in practice exams. And you learn from the expert. The most important things to consider when choosing the best German course are the recognizability of the institution and the expertise of the instructor. Even if it is a short-term training, the subscription period is quite enough to practice and you can ask the instructor about the parts you do not understand. There is an interaction in German education. There are various activities where you can improve your pronunciation. These are the things you should consider when choosing the best German course.

What Will You Learn in German Courses?

Most importantly, you will master the frequently used words in German courses. You will understand the basic expressions in everyday language and you will catch the continuous learning method by switching between the levels. You will find basic expression patterns such as alphabets, numbers, colors, greetings, hours, occupations, times, days, months, everyday life and more in these German courses. At the advanced level, you will learn adjectives, pronouns, future tenses, conjunctions and directional expressions, active passive verbs. Of course, it will not be limited to this. One of the issues that everyone complains about is that only the knowledge is given and the practice is lacking. However, you will have the opportunity to practice a lot in the German trainings you receive at the Institute.

In addition to the level programs, you have the opportunity to take private lessons. In German private lessons, there will be a training for your deficiencies. One of the most effective ways to learn is to fill in the parts you are missing. That's why it's important to take private lessons in German. If you are preparing for the exam, knowing your wrong answers will give you an added advantage. You may also want to take a German course in speaking or writing. Private lessons have such advantages. You can improve yourself thanks to private lessons and courses in German. You will learn a lot in German courses at the Institute.

What Does a German Certificate Do?

With a German certificate, you can evaluate job applications with a German requirement. You can declare these documents to businesses that want a German certificate. In addition, there may be required documents in the internship. If the German certificate is one of them, you can submit your German certificate in your applications.

If you are going to travel, a German document may be requested and you can use it for visa applications. You can use it in any field where you need to demonstrate your German language proficiency.

The easiest way to show that you know German is to get a German certificate. After you receive your German certificate, you can submit your documents to institutions in any field you wish.

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