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Excel; It is used to create charts, graphs, tables, data analysis, formulas. It is a spreadsheet program. It is organized in rows and columns. It can perform functions such as text, numbers, formulas. Microsoft Excel is a program put forward with Microsoft's Windows operating system. The latest version of MS Excel is presented with more than 200 functions divided into 15 categories. There is also Google Sheets, but the most widely used is MS Excel.

Excel tutorials are used to store and present data in a meaningful way. You can use it for many purposes in your business and social life. Excel is a user-friendly software. It offers users everything from storing data to simple numerical calculations to advanced operations.

You can store information such as e-mail, phone numbers in excel tables. You can calculate the necessary budgets for yourself or your business. You can follow the sales from the suppliers, create barcode systems and follow them with excel. In short, it ensures that all table data is brought together and the connections between them are created with formulas and the results of the data are presented graphically. You need to take the time to learn how to use Excel. Excel trainings are prepared for you to specialize in the Institute.

One of the competencies that must be known in business life is the use of excel. Although everyone knows excel, there is some technical knowledge. You can create formulas and tables for convenience at work. To develop them, you need to take excel training.

What are Excel Tutorials?

Numerical data and tables are everywhere in business, so Excel is a great tool for that. There are various certified excel training programs that you can attend at the Institute regarding Excel training. In addition to free excel trainings, you can attend these trainings suitable for your budget;

  • Excel Training
  • Advanced Excel Training
  • Macro Training
  • Microsoft Office Programs
  • Computer Management
  • Advanced Excel Tutoring

You will have received a basic level education in Excel education. If you do not know excel at all and want to learn how to use it, you can join the basic Excel Training. You will learn the most basic topics about excel in education. In addition to these basic topics, you will learn some formulas with information on how you can use them in business life.

Advanced Excel training is for people who know excel but do not have advanced level knowledge of excel and do not know tables, graphs and special formulas. You will receive a more comprehensive training in Advanced Excel Training. You will also have the opportunity to learn from an expert with examples from business life.

Macro Training is a training that requires a little more technique. If you have excel tasks that you do frequently and you want to automate them, you can join the Macro Training. By getting a more advanced excel training, you can learn all the techniques in this training.

Along with Excel, which is included in Microsoft Office Programs, you have the opportunity to learn office programs such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel. It is one of the most sought-after competencies in business life. It is difficult for someone who does not understand office programs to find a job today.

Computer management is a comprehensive training where you can learn everything from the main lines of the computer to the programs in it. In addition to learning the computer, you will also master the computer itself. When you complete this training, you will have taken your computer knowledge and skills to the next level. You will learn a lot, from how to respond when a normal computer breaks down, to its external and internal tools, including the properties of folders and files.

What Are Excel Tutorials Good For?

It would be more accurate to introduce the subject by talking about what Excel does. Excel allows you to prepare and organize data exactly as you want it, such as entering data into cells, moving between cells, searching for information in an excel worksheet, detecting duplicate data, providing worksheet layout, and filtering. When you filter according to the criteria determined by you while creating your table, you can easily find what you are looking for. You can arrange row and column items as you want, and you can establish connections between each other with formulas.

You can create it in "xls" or "xlsx" format. There is the possibility to create your files according to the new and old version.

Some use MS Office programs in their daily work, while others take this training to meet their business life needs. You do most of your work, such as programming, planning, analysis, in Excel. So, what exactly are Excel trainings for you?

It is a spreadsheet spreadsheet program. It is a program that allows you to easily transfer these tables to other departments in a workplace or to the people you need to send them. It allows you to share the data you create with simple formulas with others. It allows you to create summary excel sheets with summary formula.

For example, if you work in the human resources department, you can create a table to calculate the working hours of all staff. You can calculate the pass-fail status of the students who took the exam. You can create a study plan. You can check the stock status. You can do tax and income calculations. You can classify people working in your workplace from where they are, whether they are married or single, and income calculations.

You can create box plots. You can provide analysis of the data about the outlier or distribution among your data. You can calculate standard deviation and mean. For example, you can calculate the most productive person working during that week or you can calculate how profitable a product is. You can calculate the free throws and scores of players playing on a football team.

You can create pivot tables. You can create these tables to calculate statistical data. If you have more than one product and you want to see how many of them are sold and how many are in stock, you can use a pivot table. It will also come in handy for presenting data at monthly and annual meetings.

As you can see excel is a program that allows you to achieve a lot with very little effort. It's a great program that makes it easy for you to look at the data, answer your questions based on the data, and most importantly, make strategy and planning. It is a program that is always useful and used in every field, no matter where you are at work or school. For this reason, it is essential for everyone to know excel and participate in excel trainings.

What Will You Learn in Excel Trainings?

First of all, excel training takes place in the Institute accompanied by live lessons. At the same time, video recordings are uploaded to the course page. If you missed it or want to watch it later, you can follow your excel training from the videos. Even if the live classes did not start when you registered, you can follow the previous semester records. Excel training at the Institute has a structure suitable for everyone's planning.

There are practice exams on the excel training page to determine what you don't know about Excel and your shortcomings. After solving the practice exams, you can see where you made mistakes. Even if you say you do not know the concepts related to Excel, you will learn at least 20 excel concepts in the excel trainings you receive at the Institute. It is designed exactly for you to improve yourself in excel.

After participating in the certification exams of Excel training, if you are successful, you can first get a free certificate code. You can write the certificates you have received from Excel trainings on your CV with a free certificate code. In addition, if you have printed documents that you have received from excel trainings, institutions pay more attention to them. You can also submit your printed certificates that you received from excel trainings in accordance with the budget, in addition to your CV in your applications.

There are parts of Excel that you have determined that you cannot do and you want to concentrate on them. Or it could be a project you need to accomplish. In this case, you can take an excel course. You can learn exactly the problem solving techniques with a one-on-one trainer.

There is another good aspect of Excel training, if you have a special subject as an institution, there are many corporate trainings at the Institute. Excel is one of them. There may be some excel skills that you have identified for your business and that you want your employees to develop. Corporate trainings are also available in Excel trainings. For corporate trainings, please contact the support team of the Institute.

What are the Benefits of Excel Trainings?

Excel spreadsheets created on different devices may not be compatible with each other as there are secret codes or macros that will only work on certain operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. However, thanks to excel trainings, you will learn to detect compatibility problems of your spreadsheets.

Not all file formats can be opened via excel. For example, if you try to open a web page as an excel document, the program will fail because it cannot read HTML files directly. However, there are solutions to this problem as well.

Excel training gives you competencies in solving your problems. In Excel training, you can create excel tables as well as solve problems that may arise with excel.

How is Excel Used in Business?

It is a very powerful weapon if you know excel very well. Although it has many limitations, it also allows many things to be done. The limitations are usually many macros and VBA encodings. You need to master the concepts and keyboard shortcuts of the program. You can join the Macro Training, which is one of the Excel trainings. We will talk about a few processes used in business, but are not limited to these.

The most frequently used area of ​​Excel in the business world is accounting. It has tools that include accounting functions and is the easiest to edit for this purpose. Databases, pivot tables like calculators, views, formulas and spreadsheets like this are created. It has main functions such as bookkeeping, invoicing, payment tracking, general ledger for accounts and bank reconciliations. It can also be used to back up data.

Businesses can have day-to-day operations. It allows them to be followed with their time and date. It can also automate daily updates as it can be integrated with databases. Some daily operations may also require reminders. In Excel, these can be done with automation.

It enables to follow the pre-accounting transactions and the totals of cash receivables. It allows recording of customized transactions according to the customer. It enables the creation of reports. It is used in VAT calculations.

It is also used to collect data such as measuring the working performance of the employees, remuneration, and the number of working days.

It enables target audience analysis and classification. It works well for sorting and processing various data in a category order.

It enables the calculation of payables and receivables, and the classification of data that require daily updates under a single table. It provides information on the payment and due dates of debts. That's why businesses process their data in excel tables.

What Does Excel Tutorial Certificate Do?

If a job application mentions the necessity of knowing excel and you do not have excel knowledge, you can get your certificate if you are successful by taking the exam after participating in excel trainings. If you have no knowledge, start with excel training. If an intermediate level of excel knowledge is desired, you should attend advanced excel training. You will meet the requirement of knowing excel when you give the success certificates you have received to the business after you have been successful in the exams.

Thoroughly analyze the Excel competencies a business demands. You can see the information that will help you about which excel training you should attend in the job posting. If you need to know Macro VBA, you should attend macro training.

When applying for a job, you may be undecided about which of your computer skills will stand out. The certificates you receive at the end of the excel trainings you attend will be decisive.

A job may want you to be proficient in computer skills. If you are applying for such a job, you can get a computer operator certificate. In some advertisements, the computer operating certificate is clearly stated, while in others, they expect you to have a computer knowledge.

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