Courses for Teachers


Teachers change the fate of the game. Teachers cannot be thought of independently of people. If we compare life to a game, only teachers can change this game. This is why teacher training is so important. The courses for teachers at the Institute were prepared to change the game towards winning. They will learn techniques from experienced instructors so that they can successfully transfer their passion to their students.

The Institute offers one-to-one trainings, company trainings, and teacher trainings where they can develop many personal development and professional skills, especially for those who are teachers in any branch at schools.

Training For Teachers

First of all, there are some techniques of being able to teach someone something. Before teaching or in your current teaching position, you should definitely attend teacher training courses in order to better convey what you know. The more a teacher can learn, the brighter the future becomes.

First of all, you should get to know your students well in the field you are teaching. You need to know the teaching techniques appropriate for their level. You can improve yourself thanks to these trainings that will help you be successful.

As a teacher, you are the authority in the classroom. What you say will change the lives of your students. If you are an idealistic teacher, you should aim to teach with new and up-to-date techniques. You can find all these in the teacher trainings at the Institute.

  • Mind and Intelligence Games
  • Training of trainers
  • Creative drama
  • Creating a Workshop
  • Arduino Tutorial
  • Scratch Tutorial
  • Chess Education
  • Learning to Learn Training
  • Play Therapy
  • Fairy Tale Therapy
  • Student Coaching Training
  • Memory Techniques Training
  • Speed ​​Reading Training with Understanding

What Will You Learn in Trainings For Teachers?

Teaching is one of the most honorable professions in the world. It is not an easy task as it seems. Teaching requires patience, dedication, creativity and many other qualities. Teacher trainings will help you on your journey to make a difference.

The thing to note about teaching is that no two students are alike. There will be many students you will meet. You have to use different techniques to breed them. Being able to master the techniques of the teacher is what makes teaching the most fun.

Although the first thing you need to have to be a good teacher is patience, you should be more active rather than calm. You have to help some students overcome difficulties. You need to provide information that will guide them on the way to reach their goals. It is possible to do this with the teacher trainings at the Institute.

Creativity is the most important quality, even the sky is not your limit. Teaching offers many opportunities for creativity. There is a lot of training that you have to teach while both entertaining and teaching students. Especially creative drama, creating a workshop, acting training will be very useful for you.

At the same time, as a teacher, you need to constantly renew your knowledge. As a teacher, you must also learn to learn. Learning to learn education is really a very important topic that you can both give to students and earn yourself.

Education of the trainer is essential for a teacher. Apart from this, you can add many extra things to your students' knowledge by participating in chess and mind and intelligence games trainings. Because as a teacher, you have to prepare everything before the lesson starts. Time is very important, in order to use it effectively, you should definitely master professional training techniques.

Make a difference both in your environment and in the lives of your students with teacher training. There is no limit to improving yourself. To be a popular teacher, you have to make a difference!

You can further enrich the training with technological opportunities. With Arduino and Scratch trainings, which are STEM applications, you will be able to implement unique and rich teaching techniques. You can use the techniques you have learned in every field with your creativity, especially in Mathematics lessons.

If you are ready, join these trainings that will contribute to your development as a teacher and start learning. There is no limit to learning and teaching new things. Get started now to both learn and teach.

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