Corporate Trainings


In the modern business world, businesses are taking serious steps towards institutionalization. For this reason, it has become a necessity of the age for every employee and even company managers to improve their knowledge on this subject through corporate trainings. You can bring a new direction to your business life and take your studies to a much more professional dimension thanks to the free trainings offered by the Istanbul Business Institute, which draws attention to the importance of education in every field.

Institutional Trainings in the Sector

The applications presented in this field are of great value in terms of ensuring the continuity of the enterprises. There is great competition in today's working world. The strongest way to survive in this competitive environment is to continue working in the light of professional knowledge. This information obtained minimizes the possibility of businesses making mistakes. Choosing the right option when making risky decisions when necessary is all about the feeling of trust given by the trainings received. Apart from this, information such as increasing the market power in constantly growing and developing sectors, being the producer of quality and sought-after products and services with low cost, and providing capital management in the most accurate way, are gold in our age.

The applications for all these subjects given by the Istanbul Business Institute allow you to improve yourself in many areas you wish. These aim to strengthen your own career by using the valuable information you have learned in your working life and to ensure that businesses continue to exist in a healthy way.

What are Corporate Trainings?

Corporate training programs are prepared for a wide variety of subjects. The first of these is the knowledge gained on human resources. Human resources studies, which have gained momentum in recent years, are among the activities provided in almost every company today. The purpose of human resources activities is to increase the performance of the people working in a business and to ensure that the needs of the employees are properly met while doing this. In other words, human resources management covers the efforts to meet the mutual wishes and needs of employees and employers in an enterprise, and thus to offer a higher performance working environment.

Having information about human resources is not only necessary for the people working in this department, but also for company managers and even other company employees. In this way, employees and employers can offer a higher performance work by knowing what the expectations are from them.

Corporate learning programs also offer information on business management, projects and consultancy. Studies show that the job performance of employees who go through such processes increases. In fact, it has been determined by statistics that this performance has increased by up to 30 percent.

Corporate trainings aim to act more consciously on company employees and to reflect this on their work. In addition, in the institutions where such personal trainings are given, the loyalty to the institutions increases and the employees do their jobs with much more ownership. In fact, in companies where these trainings are given continuously, it is determined that the working performance increases by 90% after a few months. Employees and managers gain the right to receive a certificate after all these processes. The certificates obtained also constitute an important plus point for their own careers.

Special Corporate Trainings

Private corporate trainings given by Istanbul Business Institute are given in the company or within the institute if requested. Apart from this, it may be possible to attend classes in the form of distance learning. While planning these processes, the process is planned together with you, taking into account the issues that your company employees need most. For this, you will be asked to answer questions such as what problems you have in your workplace, what you need to solve them, whether the lessons will be given formally or remotely. In addition, you must specify information such as the time you can allocate for the courses, which hours are available, and how much budget you can allocate for this program. After you answer these questions, we determine the most suitable program and content for you together with you. Upon these determinations, it will be started at the time you want.

Today, the constant subjection of company employees to programs should be accepted as a necessity of the modern age. It is not overlooked that technology and living conditions are changing and developing day by day. The most effective way to keep up with this change is through training. When the course of the working world in the last twenty years is reviewed, we can see that the changes mentioned are mostly effective in this field.

There is now a much wider sales and marketing network than in the past. Because the effective use of internet technologies in every field allows people to buy products from anywhere with a single click. In such an environment, in order to earn more by having a stronger company, businesses must determine the right way to work for them. In the courses offered, the methods of keeping up with this change and choosing the most accurate and effective methods are explained with the finest details for both employees, company owners and managers. You too can take an important step to be successful in the business world thanks to certified trainings. Contact us for detailed information about the contents and processes.

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