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When words are not enough, how we interact with body language is important as well as the intonation we give to words. We express ourselves with body language without any words. You can interpret body language in various ways. Because each movement differs from person to person depending on the transmission of the message.

Body language allows you to understand that someone is lying to you even if they claim to be telling the truth in verbal communication. Some of your movements in your body language change according to the thoughts that occur in your subconscious. Your body language movements will be different accordingly. Knowing about body language issues also allows you to understand whether a person feels safe or not comfortable talking to you. It also helps you understand someone's attitude towards you from their actions towards you.

People can express what they think with body language without using even a word. This is because our brain processes our body's responses faster than words. We can tell from body language how someone is feeling without having to tell us anything. For example, if you make an angry facial expression or point to someone with your hand, you can show that you are angry with the person you are pointing at without saying anything. Most of the time, body language can be more effective than words.

Body language allows us to make inferences about people's actions without having to say anything about what we're feeling. If you are a little excited when you go to a job interview, the palms of your hands are sweaty, and this can be understood even from your facial expression. No matter how much you deny it, your body language will still give you away.

What are Body Language Trainings?

Body language training allows us to observe people's movements, gestures and facial expressions. It allows you to improve your face-to-face contact information. Body language trainings are also trainings where you can improve yourself in both individual and social life.

  • Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language Training
  • Sign Language Education
  • Sign Language Advanced Training
  • Fundamentals of Correct and Effective Speaking
  • Persuasion Techniques Training
  • Public Relations Education
  • Leadership education

In effective communication strategies and body language training, you will learn the communication techniques you use while expressing something to the people around you, as well as the expressions you support with body language. First of all, you will gain an awareness of the situations where your body language gives you away. One of the ways to communicate effectively is to express it with the right body language next to the words you choose.

Sign language training is the expression of what is meant to be said with the developed body language in cases where it is not possible to communicate by speaking. Hands are used in sign language and body language is predominant. Gestures and facial expressions play an effective role. It is the most advanced form of body language, where communication barriers disappear.

In the basics of correct and effective speaking education, you will need a body language training that will support this, as well as gaining a strong identity in correct speech and rhetoric. You should learn all the information about correct and effective speaking, which is fully linked to Effective Communication Strategies and Body Language Training.

Persuasion techniques are directly linked in communication. The body language you use in persuasion techniques also has a great effect. You need both body language and verbal communication skills to make a confident impression. Talking and verbalizing alone may not be enough.

Given the fact that statesmen, business executives, and the public relations department take the pulse of the public, you'll find that they are highly skilled in body language as well as verbal communication skills. Body language is one of the indispensable criteria wherever there is communication. Therefore, it is closely related to public relations education.

Likewise, in leadership training, whether you adopt a charismatic, autocratic, democratic or whatever leadership approach, you definitely have to take body language training in order to have an impact on others.

Body language is used in all areas. Of course, one of the areas where it is used the most and needs to be careful is the elimination of communication barriers. If you have a situation where you are at the forefront or if you are addressing a society, you should know more about body language training. In addition, your prominent features in your social and business life are communication. That's why you need body language training to make an effective impression around you.

What Will You Learn in Body Language Trainings?

Since you participate in body language trainings primarily with the advantage of online training, you can start learning wherever you want. You can take time out of your free time or have the opportunity to improve yourself while working at work.

The training you receive is given by expert trainers. The trainers not only teach you the technique of this job, but also provide hands-on information about body language. In addition, you can attend live lessons and send your questions to the trainers. You can increase your intellectual accumulation with practice exams and various concept applications related to body language training. Not only that, you will also improve yourself in terms of communication.

There are exam applications that can reinforce what you have learned about body language education. With these practice exams, you can make effective determinations on the subjects you do not know or are missing. Since you will be in an online classroom environment, you will be able to improve yourself as if you were getting one-on-one training.

Body language trainings not only improve your communication skills, but also reveal your leadership qualities. In addition to body language training, you can also receive various leadership trainings.

If the field you are going to start or apply to requires communication with people, you should definitely improve yourself in body language as well as your speaking skills. You can acquire professional communication skills through body language training. Thanks to the online body language trainings you receive from the Institute, you will be able to communicate effectively, receive training from an expert on this subject, and receive your certificates if you are successful in the training.

Why is Body Language Training Important?

Body language plays a very important role in business life as well as in interpersonal relationships. Because it allows two things to happen at the same time; The first thing allows us to express ourselves when words alone are not enough. Second, the listener understands the emotions we express at the same time. It helps to fully understand without having to make any assumptions. Any situation that may cause misunderstandings will be eliminated.

What are the Advantages of Body Language Training?

We all know how powerful body language can be. If you take body language training, there are many advantages that it will provide you.

In the simplest terms, knowing the interpretation of body language allows you to make correct inferences about a person. Not only that, but we also realize many things about ourselves.

Since childhood, our family has instructed us to listen with our eyes, not with our ears, when communicating with others. Especially if you want to win the eyes of teachers, you should stay closer to them and look into their eyes. Your body language can make you seem uninterested when someone is talking to you. Body language training on active listening gives you a lot of things.

Since our brain perceives the emotions on other people's faces faster than their voices, we see that their facial expressions are very important for us to understand what they mean. Thanks to body language training, you can understand what a person is feeling from their facial expression. We have universal body language and facial expressions. This helps us understand everyone around us.

What are the Effects of Body Language Trainings on Job Interviews?

When you go to a job interview, your body language comes before your word. Before you start speaking, you can understand how you feel from your facial expression in the speech that you have prepared yourself. When we think that less than a second is enough to make a decision, we cannot deny that body language plays an important role in this decision mechanism. Body language training allows you to express your emotions in a professional way.

What are the Effects of Body Language Training on Social Life?

Body language tells us more about ourselves than most people realize. We can be worried, scared, happy or sad. When we are stressed, body reactions are more effective than facial expressions. Our body produces a hormone cortisol when we are stressed. Body language is such an important thing.

When we lie to someone, our body language gives us away. Our posture signals that we are not acting honestly. This is because we subconsciously know that something is not right, and our body creates a reaction against it. Just like our facial expression drops when we're sad. Body language trainings allow you to make professional determinations in this regard.

Like many people, we are all concerned with the need for the behavior of others to be better. We make an effort to understand body language signals, and we expect the other party to empathize when we are not satisfied. We make all these inferences based on what body language makes us feel.

Some behavioral theorists claim that body language affects 62% of our communication with others, and 7% of spoken words are effective. The remaining 31% is said to be from gestures and facial expressions, tone of voice and speed. Body language training will allow you to handle a large part of communication. You can understand what a person is feeling, or you can clearly and precisely understand what he or she is saying only through body language.

Since body language training allows you to empathize with the people in front of you, if someone is stressed, you can have a more productive speech to suggest the person you are talking to after you understand this. In this way, you can reduce the stress level of the other person.

You get the opportunity to analyze and control your own body language as well as understanding others. There is an interesting research result. Babies imitate their mothers' facial expressions while still in the womb. It would be the right word to say that body language begins to develop from birth. They supported this with the thesis that babies associated with crying when they were upset or wanted something. In other words, we provide what we want to tell from birth through body language. Generally, people who see it from the outside can describe us as angry. Why? Because they pay attention to our body language before we speak.

Body language, which is the most effective technique in every way, can be developed and made more professional thanks to body language trainings. Body language signals exactly affect communication.

What are the Certificates You Get From Body Language Trainings?

Some tests can be applied by employers and human resources professionals to measure whether your communication skills are strong. However, the most effective ones are the data obtained in face-to-face interviews.

In addition, if you are applying for a department where you have one-on-one contact with customers, they will pay attention to your nonverbal communication techniques such as body language as well as your verbal communication techniques.

When you declare the certificates you have received from body language trainings while applying for a job, institutions take these documents into account. Because if you say that my communication is strong, my body language communication is good, these will not go beyond words. The certificates you receive from body language trainings see that these are developed abilities beyond words.

The importance of body language in communication

Man is a social being by nature. Humans need communication in order to socialize. Each of us is in constant communication in our daily life. We always stay in touch during the day, on social media, in front of the television, on the computer, by talking face to face. Our body language accompanies us in this communication process. Body language is especially important in face-to-face relationships. body language; It is a form of communication that reveals our feelings and thoughts.

From the moment they meet each other, two people have been in contact with each other. Even if we do not talk to the person in front of us, the communication process begins. For example, when we see a familiar person on the road, instead of talking, we greet each other with our hands or heads. This gives the message to the other person that we are seeing him. Sometimes we try to explain with our body what we cannot explain by talking.

Our body language reveals our mood and thoughts. Sometimes our body language is not compatible with what we say. When we feel sad, when someone asks us "how are you", we respond with "I'm fine", while at the same time we reveal that we are not well, that we are feeling bad with our body language.

Understanding the body language of the other person or being able to control our own body language will be very beneficial for us in communication. Being able to do body language analysis gives us the opportunity to read the thoughts of the person in front of us.

Since politicians know the effects of body language, they improve themselves in order to communicate more effectively. They support what they say with their gestures, facial expressions, hand and arm movements. In this way, they make their speech stronger in front of the people they address.

Eyes in Body Language:

In body language, eyes give important messages. We should make eye contact with the person we are communicating with. Actions such as averting our eyes from the person in front of us, looking around, looking at the clock give the message that we do not listen to the person in front of us. Also, averting our eyes can send the message that we lack confidence. Especially in more formal situations such as job interviews, when we look away from the other person, it can leave a negative impression.

Hands in Body Language:

In our body language, our hands can move independently of us. We usually use our hands and arms to tell something. These hand and arm movements, used correctly, make the force of what we want to tell stronger.

We use our hands especially when greeting or shaking hands with the person in front of us. If we shake the other person's hand very tightly while shaking hands, or if we place our hand on his/her hand, this may give the other person the impression of "I am superior to you". While shaking hands, we should shake the other person's hand as strong as necessary and for a certain period of time. Some people shake the other person's hand throughout the conversation. This may cause discomfort to the other person.

Feet in Body Language:

Our feet are very important in body language. In general, it is the stance of our feet that most accurately expresses our feelings and thoughts to the person in front of us. If our feet are pointing towards the exit while talking to someone, it means we want to go. We should sit facing the person with whom we are communicating with our feet facing him.

The Importance of Accessories and Clothing in Body Language:

Another important issue in body language is our clothing and the accessories we wear. People pay great attention to clothing and accessories to reflect their social identity. Each of us pays great attention to our clothing in order to make a good impression in our social circle. We always want to come out to the people around us at our best.

Some people use their phones, cars, wallets, watches as status indicators. Leaving the car key and wallet on the table while sitting in a place gives the message that we are in a good financial situation to the person in front of us. Especially expensive brand watches are frequently used among the upper class as an indicator of wealth.

As you can see, body language is of great importance in communication. These body language movements, gestures and facial expressions, which are often made unconsciously, reveal our true feelings and thoughts. If we want to communicate better, we should be more careful about body language. Analyzing the body language of the other person and keeping our body language under control is one of the golden rules of communication.

What is Body Language?

Body language, in other words, what is body language? Why is it important? And what you need to know about body language…

body language; It is a form of non-verbal communication with gestures and facial expressions. Body posture, eye contact, facial expressions, seat chosen, sitting style, use of feet, distance, care and make-up, accessories and gestures used. All of these things we count express our body language. Body language is the oldest and most important communication method between people. The importance of body language in interpersonal communication is 60%. Words are 10% important, and tone of voice 30%.

The opinions of people we meet about us are formed in the first 30 seconds. That's why body language is much more important in the first meeting. People with high communication skills use body language more effectively and accurately, and these people are considered more sincere and reliable.

As you can see, the use of body language is very important. However, there are some things that should not be done while using body language:

  • Making noises that may disturb the person being spoken to,
  • rolling eyes,
  • Keeping arms crossed
  • Staying steady enough to disturb the other person,
  • Doing behaviors that may disturb the person we are talking to,
  • looking into your eyes for a long time,
  • This and similar behaviors disturb the other person and cause the person to have negative thoughts about you.

It is up to us to choose the words we use when speaking. But body language emerges depending on our current feelings and thoughts. It is more difficult to control.

So how to learn body language?

As we have just said, it is difficult to control body language. This is what body language training includes. That is, it involves controlling and noticing movement and behavior. That's why we have to start with ourselves first. We need to be aware of our movements and behaviors, our gestures and mimics, and our reactions in an event. For this, we must practice every day. Then we can examine crowded environments. For example, by looking at the reactions of a person in that environment, we can understand whether he is happy, sad or angry.

Apart from these, we can improve ourselves by participating in body language trainings. We can try to understand what is going on by watching a video without sound and looking at the images. We can also turn up the volume and check if we understand correctly. Although this may seem difficult at first, it will soon be seen that it can be understood.

Apart from these studies, learning the meanings of certain body language movements will also help us improve in this regard.


  • We can understand from the corners of our eyes whether the person in front of us is smiling sincerely. If there are wrinkles around the eyes, that person is smiling sincerely.
  • So how do you know if the person next to you feels comfortable with you? According to experts, if a person exhibits movements similar to yours, they feel comfortable with you.
  • If a person has crossed their legs, it means things are not going well. This person is physically and psychologically closed.
  • If you stand hunched, it shows that you are bored with that environment.
  • Checking the clock is also an extremely negative behavior. It means that you are bored with the conversation and can't wait to leave the environment.
  • Turning to the other side and not the person being spoken to is one of the disturbing behaviors. Instead, turning towards the person you are talking to will lead you to success.
  • Trying not to make eye contact is a sign of insecurity. It can also mean that you are hiding something or suspect.
  • Conversely, making too much eye contact can make you seem like a dominant and angry person.
  • There are many examples such as these. Even though it is very easy to learn body language with these examples and the practices we have explained, the most important point in using body language is to evaluate movements and behaviors according to the current time.
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