Beginner Human Resources Courses


Human Resources Management takes responsibility shared between employer and employees. This responsibility is bound by the employment contract between both parties. There are fair treatment of employees, fair pay, safe working environment, respect and many rights. Employers are responsible for providing training, guidance and good working conditions.

The duties and responsibilities of human resources are;

1 - Placing the right person in the right position

2 - Developing the people working in the institution

3 - Motivating employees by strengthening communication, listening to them

4 - Developing job prospects

5 - Evaluating the performance of employees

6 - Ensuring the commitment of the employees to the job

7 - Keeping the health, welfare, confidence and morale of the employees high

8 - To ensure the integrity and coordination of each department in the organization and to act as a bridge between

9 - Planning for the future so that human resources can be used efficiently

10 - Establishing appropriate HR systems

In general, the duties of human resources can be listed as follows.

The duties and responsibilities of human resources are very large in a business. A human resources officer is located between departments and managers in the enterprise. It is close to everyone. It should be close. Because the continuity of a business depends on the employees as much as the profitability of the business.

What are Beginner Level Human Resources Trainings?

If you want to get beginner level trainings on human resources, you can attend these trainings at the Institute;

  • Human Resources Management Training
  • Payroll and Payroll Applications
  • Basic Labor Law and Labor Law
  • Job Analysis and Job Description
  • Recruitment and Interview Techniques
  • Performance evaluation
  • Career Management
  • Human Resources Assistant Training

If you want to understand human resources at a basic level and want to know all its functions, you can attend human resources management training. With this training you received by HR Specialist Bilal Şentürk, you will learn more about human resources from the beginning, towards practice.

Payroll and payroll applications training mostly includes personnel payments and tax transactions. It is a training that covers the premiums that employers must pay by law. If you are going to work in the payroll department in the field of human resources, you can learn in detail with the latest and current parameters.

In job analysis and job description training, it is one of the initial human resources trainings that you need to understand in order to accurately determine what job a personnel should do and the requirements of the job.

Recruitment and interview techniques, on the other hand, are one of the trainings you should definitely take if you want to be in the recruitment part as an HR specialist.

Performance evaluation is a training that will help business development processes regarding how effectively and efficiently employees work within the framework of human resources practices. In line with your human resources policies, you can measure the productivity of your employees with your performance evaluation measurements. It can be said that it is one of the most important among the beginner level human resources trainings.

Career management, on the other hand, is a field that is responsible for human resources so that an employee can stay in the company and do his/her job in order to achieve his/her self-actualization goals. It is one of the beginner level trainings that we promise to our employees or that must be taken in order to meet their expectations from working life.

You can become a human resources assistant in the first start to human resources. For this, you should definitely know the duties and responsibilities of human resources assistant. A human resources assistant has at least as much knowledge as an HR specialist, even though he is referred to as an assistant. Because he is the person who will specialize in the field of human resources in the future. The only difference between assistantship and expertise is that it does not take over all the powers at the beginning level. You can definitely get off to a good start by participating in this training.

What Does the Certificate of Beginner Level Human Resources Trainings Do?
If your long-term career goal is to work in the field of human resources, each initial level of human resources training has significant contributions to your career life. Especially if you graduated from a department other than the field of human resources and you want to improve yourself in the field of human resources, you should attend the beginner level human resources training.

If you are going to apply for a job in the field of human resources, but there is nothing about human resources in your CV, you can write the certificates of the human resources trainings you received at the beginner level on your CV.

The human resources certificates you receive at the Institute are queried from the Institute database and inquiries can be made by employers. If you are successful in the certification exams of the beginner level human resources training, you will receive free certificate codes. The majority of the trainings are also free. You can specify your certificate codes on your CV for free. You can buy it in print if you wish. Employers give more importance to your original documents. Thanks to the Institute, you can benefit from certificate and training programs as you wish.

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