Advanced Human Resources Courses


If you have a goal of specializing in the field of human resources, you can attend advanced human resources training at the Institute. The role of a human resources specialist includes the development, implementation and evaluation of programs related to employee recruitment, training and career management. Provides employees with expert advice and assistance.

The HR specialist is on the side of both the employees and the management. Manages processes in line with company policies to ensure that they are treated fairly. Employers usually want to hire people with a degree in human resources or business administration, but they do not find it sufficient to have a diploma alone. Because, although an HR specialist has expertise in a certain field, he/she should develop himself/herself in the field of human resources. Experienced HR professionals with high-level jobs can improve themselves with online training. At this point, you can specialize by participating in advanced human resources trainings at the Institute. With the lessons given to you by the experts, you will share your experience in the field of application and you will have received training for business life.

What are Advanced Human Resources Trainings?

The role of human resources professionals is undergoing a revolution as time goes on. They are no longer just limited to filing and sending documents, but with the development of employees and digitalization, they also take on additional responsibilities to their expertise.

You can attend these trainings on the human resources expertise of the future at the Institute;

  • Digital HR Training
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Coaching Skills Development Training in Business Life
  • skill management
  • Orientation training
  • Training and Development in Human Resources
  • Competency Based Interview Techniques Training

What Will You Learn in Advanced Human Resources Trainings?

Human resources specialists, who are adding new job descriptions to their job descriptions day by day, not only provide coaching and mentoring to staff members, but also measure how an employee is performing in their positions and whether they are suitable for promotion with digital HR management techniques. At this point, you can participate in coaching and mentoring training to develop coaching skills in business life. It is one of the most important advanced human resources trainings.

The main purpose of human resources is to ensure the management of business processes in accordance with company policies. Communication with the internal and external environment of the enterprises is not ignored, and the employees of the company may be lost to rival companies. Not only that, but also future-oriented human resources policies need to be created, implemented and decisions taken accordingly. That's why you should definitely attend strategic human resources training. It is one of the most important advanced human resources trainings.

Day by day, the influence of traditional human resources is disappearing. There is a trend towards digitalization in all business processes. Likewise in human resources processes. That's why you should definitely attend digital human resources training. You will see that digital human resources training is given by many people in the sector, but it will be an advantage for you to take it from experts in the field and from recognized institutions such as the Institute. You can attend this long-term training and get a certificate in the field of digital human resources.

In addition to coaching and mentoring human resources, it carries out various strategic plans in order to add a new one to the talents of its employees and to develop their existing talents. At this point, you can get talent management training. It is one of the advanced human resources trainings that an HR specialist must know.

Various training programs are given to the employees in order to develop their talents. In general, corporate trainings are organized. Trainings for institutions can also be organized at the Institute. This is where the training and development aspect of human resources comes into play. The role of training and development in human resources is huge.

Today and in the future, people with more talents and whose talents are open to improvement will be chosen instead of those who do ordinary jobs. At this point, a human resources specialist should apply competency-based interview techniques when choosing a candidate. It should address whether a person is qualified for the job and also aspects that can be improved.

If you have hired a talented candidate, you should introduce him to other teammates, managers and other departments and familiarize him with the job. You can also receive orientation training on this subject. You can attend these trainings to specialize in the field of human resources.

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