Exam Regulations Changed

Exam Regulations Changed

Exam Regulations Changed

A "Certificate Exam" will be held by the IIENSTITU distance education center (UZEM) on the last day of the week following the training, between 12:00-23:59 in accordance with the Education and Certificate Regulation.


  1. Examinations are made once in each education period via the distance education system.
  2. Exam dates are determined by the IIENSTITU administration and exam dates can be changed by prior notification.
  3. Make-up exams are not applied to candidates who do not attend the exam for any reason, and students cannot enter the exam on a different date. This clause applies to individual excuses. It is necessary to have social conditions for the repetition and delay of the exam (power cut in big cities, etc.)


  1. The rules to be applied in the exams are determined by the IIENSTITU administration and announced to the students.
  2. Students must take the exams at the time specified in the exam schedule. In case of taking an incorrect exam, the student's exam will be cancelled. The scores obtained by the student as a result of entering an incorrect exam session are considered invalid, even if they are announced. All responsibility in this matter belongs to the student.
  3. A student who cannot take the certification exam for any reason or whose exam is invalid is considered to have received zero (0) points from the exams of these courses and the raw success score is calculated accordingly.


  1. Candidates who attempt to cheat in the exam are detected through electronic security systems. Exams of candidates who attempt to cheat will be cancelled.
  2. Students registered at the IIENSTITU are required to use the username and password specified for accessing the distance education system and take the necessary precautions to prevent them from being used by anyone else. Students who suspect that their username and password are being used by other people should apply through the request system as soon as possible. All transactions carried out in the distance education system are under the direct responsibility of the student.


  1. Objections to exam questions are made within the first (5) five days following the end of the exam, unless otherwise announced by the IIENSTITU.
  2. Objections are made by real persons in a written petition or digitally, provided that their identity is open. Objections made outside the specified period will not be considered.
  3. Objections are examined and finalized by the IIENSTITU administration and the results are reported to the relevant student.
  4. No changes are made in the exam results except for the correction of material errors, and the digital documents in which the answers are stored are not given to the student.


  1. Only student answers are taken into account in the evaluation of the multiple-choice exams of the courses in the distance education programs. Open-ended questions and other question methods can be used if the course instructor deems it appropriate.
  2. Exams and all other activities of a course are evaluated out of 100 points.
  3. While calculating the Raw Success Score for a course in all courses in distance education programs, the average score is calculated by taking the effect of in-class activities (Homework, etc.) at most 40% and the effect of the certification exam at least 60%.
  4. In distance education programs, when calculating the Raw Course Success Score, the situation related to class participation affects the activity score with a weight coefficient of 20%.
  5. Wrong answers are taken into account when calculating the raw course score in the multiple choice test method of the courses in the distance education programs; The test raw score is calculated by multiplying the number of correct answers by the number of questions and deducting points from the wrong answers.


Distance education students must get at least 50 points out of 100 from the certification exam (70 as of 12 March 2018) in order to pass a course directly.


The exam will be held on the following Sunday between 12:00-23:59 in the certification exam section, which is determined separately for each course, on the website of uzem.iienstitu.com.


Candidates will be able to log in at uzem.iienstitu.com. Each student can see the courses they are registered for in their profile, and students cannot attend the exams of the trainings they are not registered for and cannot see the questions. The exam they are responsible for is only the training they are registered for.

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