Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement

Istanbul Business Institute (IIE) is a scientific education and research organization working to provide equal opportunities in education and to contribute to business science.

In 2012, we started our free online education programs in order to go beyond our country's borders, to become a more public organization, to encourage people to teach business and human resources science, and to increase social welfare for this purpose, and to eliminate the lack of knowledge of entrepreneurs.

The first stage of this program was to move our business platforms to the internet environment by moving our office on the European side to a smaller location. Although this first step we have taken has shrunk our physical environment, it has increased the number of people we come into contact with.

Our Environmental Responsibilities

We are aware of our environmental responsibilities and are committed to contributing to the reduction of local, national and global environmental damage. In 2012, we implemented the digital certificate application in order to show that our environmental awareness has increased by taking a more active role in the internet. We took a leading role in digital education to prevent paper waste. We paved the way for many distance education companies operating today to establish a distance education system, provided technological support and ensured the establishment of an online education infrastructure.

We have prevented paper waste in formal education and we have never used 5 million papers without even needing to be recycled. If we had not taken this decision in 2012, we could have caused serious damage to nature by destroying approximately 5 million papers by giving the participants minimum education grades and books.

This environmental statement is prepared to explain that we are looking for ways to increase environmental awareness, evaluate the environmental impacts of our staff's activities, reduce negative impacts and improve environmental performance.

We will also organize online training programs to raise environmental awareness and present them to the public.

We are determined!

  1. Energy saving; We will give priority to renewable energy sources and related materials.
  2. We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and relevant rules.
  3. We will encourage all our students to increase their awareness of the environment and to be more environmentally friendly.

To achieve this, we aim to:

  1. Reducing our energy use through renewable energy sources.
  2. Minimizing waste by reducing consumption and developing effective waste management and recycling procedures.
  3. To ensure that all our students are given the opportunity to take an active role in the implementation of environmental practices.
  4. Measuring our energy consumption to optimize our energy efficiency.

Happy June 5th Environment Day.

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