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Distance Education

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Distance Education
Distance Education

Distance Education is way of delivering knowledge and instructions on an individual basis to the students who are not actually physically present in a classroom. Distance learning gives access to learn anything from somewhere while sitting in their house.
Distance education courses are nowadays very common on the Internet. People get knowledge and education online. Distance learning programs in every field is available at every level nowadays from numerous colleges and universities online through Internet.

Ways that help in gaining Distance Education:

Electronic Media:

Electronic media like T.V and Radio helped alot in gaining distance education.
When the world was not that much advanced and developed people used radio as a source of getting online education. Then when T.V invented people started getting the knowledge from it. Differed programs were played to make people get knowledge from it.
And nowadays it is still a way of getting distance education. daily alot of informative programs are presented which help people get knowledge from them about different things.

Print Media:

Books, study materials, study guides, and newspapers are easy way of distance education.
They can easily be send and delivered to the students all over the world by mail or other delivery services. Print media also plays a wide role in distance education.
Different colleges and universities across the globe publish books, keys, guides and other study materials for the students who are getting distance education. and they take benefit of it and get knowledge through print media.

Computers and Internet:

The computer is best and a great way of getting Distance Education online.
As computers have made everything very easy It also helps students in education Field.
With the growth and the great progress of Internet , the computers and Internet is a new great medium for distance learning. Students can directly interact with colleges and universities through Internet and can have lectures in their own house.
And Computer technology helps in solving assignments of every subject and also it has software systems which enables the universities to take exams online from the students across the world and the on basis of results they are awarded. The wide use of Internet and computers  have made getting distance education more easier and faster.

Benefits of having Distance Education

Beneficial for Disable or sick students:

Distance Education is beneficial for students who are unable to attend a school setting due to their disability or sickness such as paralyzed in anyway or have some other disabilities. They can also get a good education through distance learning. Kids who are ill or have any other medical issues and are unable to attend the classes now they will not miss their classes with online facility. This doesn’t allow the environment of the classroom but it is still keeping them in a good learning environment.

A source of communication:

Distance education can also help the students to communicate with the other students all across the world for better understanding. they work together and share many things by which they get general knowledge of the other countries, their way of talking and culture.
It also help students across the world to communicate in international language so they all learn English as an international language as well.

Economically relief:

These days the cost of education is very high and effects the economical condition of family while spending huge amount of money on education. For those distance education is an alternative in order to give some economical relief. Distance education costs very less from other, and you can learn same as you can learn in class room.
Distance education can help the students in saving cost of transportation.
In addition, distance education can save the costs of high priced books. because all the learning materials are now available on the Internet online.

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